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"If you don't get the people part right, nothing else matters."


Dr. Jeannie Kahwajy

Effective Interactions

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Effective Interactions leverages the innovative communication theories of founder and CEO Dr. Jeannie L. Kahwajy to deliver results to large corporations and top executives by improving team synergy and effectiveness.

Management consulting too often focuses on the "what" of business -- strategy, execution, financial modeling, etc. Dr. Kahwajy believes that the key to unlocking individual and team potential is to tackle the "how" of interaction. Whether it be within a management team, interacting with major shareholders, partners, or customers, or effectively motivating direct reports (both personal and division-wide), Effective Interactions' programs focus specifically on concrete situations affecting management teams and provide an understanding of how to deal with those management challenges more effectively.

Dr. Kahwajy's research, teaching, and client engagements focus on specific ways leaders can transform their interactions to make those interactions--and themselves--more effective. This theoretical framework empowers managers in almost any situation, as almost any situation involves leading a team, department, or company while harnessing the talent, energy, creativity, and experience of others.

Effective Interactions has developed a number of standard engagement models to effectively and quickly deliver this message, capability, and benefit to clients through seminars and executive coaching. Find out how your company, employees, and shareholders can benefit from more effective interactions, catalyzed by the team at Effective Interactions.


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