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"If you don't get the people part right, nothing else matters."


Dr. Jeannie Kahwajy

Effective Interactions

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Effective Interactions offers a number of programs and can be engaged to develop customized programs should the standard programs not precisely match client needs. Generally, programs comprise either seminars designed for delivery to a large audience or gathering, or individual or small-team executive coaching. The former exposes a large group to the core concepts of Dr. Kahwajy's theories and often provides a good starting point for more in-depth engagements. Executive coaching provides personalized interaction and can be tailored to specific issues and situations being confronted by individual managers, but must be limited as to the number of managers reached. Many clients combine these approaches and arrange for introductory seminars and follow that with executive coaching for key decision makers.


Seminars typically entail 10-30 people spending a day learning how to apply Dr. Kahwajy's theories of interaction. Multi-day seminars can be arranged if more in-depth training is desired initially. The content of these can vary depending upon client preferences, but the standard syllabus would emphasize techniques for improved interpersonal interaction and leadership.

Executive Coaching

Dr. Kahwajy's standard executive coaching engagement focuses on understanding a manager's or team's situation and challenges and then applying leadership and communication theories and experience to improve outcomes. This begins with a day-long examination and introduction to Dr. Kahwajy's theories of interaction with particular emphasis on actual challenging interactions (past or present) facing the manager.

The manager or team learns how to interact more effectively by discussing challenging situations with Dr. Kahwajy and evaluating and considering possible strategies. Through weekly follow-ups over the next quarter, Dr. Kahwajy provides continued feedback and helps address new situations, gradually developing an ability to interact and communicate more effectively.

These engagements can focus on one or more individual managers or be applied more broadly throughout a particular management team.


Dr. Kahwajy is happy to consider keynote addresses to select audiences. Such addresses typically provide thought-provoking introductions to thinking about leadership, negotiation, innovation, and diversity within organizations and emphasize the larger dynamic of how to enhance these areas through more effective interpersonal interactions. Effective Interactions' other tagline--"If you get the people part right, nothing else matters!"--isn't absolutely correct (we have to make a point!), but its truth is far closer than most suspect. Be prepared for an exciting and thought-provoking keynote!


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